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Yearly Archives: 2012

Funny Cartoons in the spotlight this week


The Funny Cartoon is a quirky website that hosts many funny cartoons and games. I guess some people might call it a ‘hobby’ website, but, we see that it is a great way for a business to grow its reach in social media. It can be difficult for some business’ to understand the enigma that is Social Networking and we think The Funny Cartoon has a great approach.

goMobi release 1.8 is out and it’s jam-packed with new features

The goMobi team has been working extremely hard on this latest release, just in time for Christmas. And it’s jam-packed with great new features. Where to start? We love the new Site Navigation Menu Bar for smartphones and tablets, there’s seamless integration with Google+, support for Google Adwords campaign tracking, and we’ve added several new ad networks. Plus a host of other enhancements to make your goMobi stand out from the crowd. All in all it’s a bumper release to celebrate the holiday season. Merry Christmas everyone!

Google PLus

Hosting Solutions brings goMobi to the Italian market

We are delighted to welcome Hosting Solutions as the first reseller partner for goMobi in Italy. Hosting Solutions is one of the leading Italian providers supporting businesses and professionals with web services, web hosting and domain registrations for over 10 years.

This weeks site in the goMobi Spotlight

Knifetechnz is a company that offers products that provide value and designs them to meet their customers specific needs. They develop and sell knives to commercial and recreational users. They sell heavily through their desktop website and they needed a mobile version that had a robust enough eCommerce function to handle the mobile traffic.


Mobile Web: dotMobi aims to solve mobile web complexity for large and small customers alike

Anyone who has been watching mobile closely over the past year or so will know that mobile Web has made a resurgence vis-a-vis the hype that surrounded apps since the app stores rose to prominence. App mania now seems reminiscent of the initial dotcom bubble, with many recent reports casting doubt on ability of all but the top third of apps to ever generate significant revenues or even downloads.

goMobi sites rank well on mobile search

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a complex topic and seen as a dark art by some. For mobile, however, one thing we can say with certainty that Google is indexing the web for both mobile and desktop separately. If you are searching on mobile, Google surfaces mobile-friendly content with a mobile icon next to it to identify it as content that works well on mobile. It’s worth noting that a goMobi site works well from a Google search point of view.

goMobi SEO II

This weeks site in the goMobi Spotlight mobile site brings live American wrestling events to different locations nationwide. The desktop website is used to update customers on recent events and allows tickets be to directly purchased. However the company became aware that more people are using mobile devices to access the web. They needed to create a mobile website so that their customers could access the same information while they were on the move.

BIA Kelsey and dotMobi issue report on ‘The Strategic Value of Mobile Web for Directory Publishers’

BIA/Kelsey, analysts and advisors to local media companies in conjunction with dotMobi the company behind the the mobile website publishing platform goMobi, have issued a report on ‘The Strategic Value of Mobile Web for Directory Publishers’. The report thoroughly examines how directory publishers are leveraging the opportunity of the mobile web for themselves and their…

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Check Out The Latest goMobi Enhancements

We are constantly working to develop goMobi so we can offer the very best features and experience to our customers. Our customers are a huge part of our product development and without their feedback we would be just like any other mobile website solution. You talk and we listen.

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