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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Half of all Facebook traffic is mobile

Check this out on MobileMarketer. This surely strengthens the argument
for a mobile first web development strategy. If over half of Facebook users are
accessing the web via a mobile device, businesses cannot afford
not to have a mobile optimised website. Our goal at goMobi
is to make it easy and fast to do so.

goMobi is now available in Japanese. Konnichiwa!

We’ve just put the finishing touches to the fully localized Japanese version of goMobi. We’ve been working closely with our partners in Japan to get every detail of our hiragana absolutely correct. Now Japanese speakers can build great mobile sites from the goMobi Setup Assistant in their own language – just choose the language flag for Japanese and the interface is…

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Over 33% of goMobi sites include an m-Commerce feature.

Rapid Growth of mCommerce. goMobi the mobile website publishing platform, has seen over 33% of all sites, activate a mobile payments feature. These sites are offering a mobile shopping cart which includes Paypal or Google Checkout.

QR Codes and Mobile Web

Check out the article on on Top 10 QR code campaigns for Q2. The example of Kenneth Cole highlights a point that still continues to be missed, that is, if the QR code is directed at a mobile device you need a mobile website, otherwise the end user has a really poor experience. At goMobi we…

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