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Monthly Archives: April 2013

SpeedFarma speedily cashing in on mobile web…


SpeedFarmaSpeedFarma is this weeks Spotlight site, an Italian company setup in 2012 SpeedFarma is a pharmacy specialising in online sales.

This mobile site shows that every business should have a solution when it comes to mobile web, and also how they best use goMobi’s features to make the most of their mobile presence.

SpeedFarma offers a wide range of natural products, nutritional supplements, cosmetics and much more. Based in the foothills of Mount Rosa in northern Italy not far from the French and Swiss borders, SpeedFarma uses the web to reach far beyond its geographical confines.

As a company that relies upon online sales as its sole source of revenue, not having a mobile website would be like having a shop with no windows. goMobi offers an excellent solution for SpeedFarma, goMobi sites are simple to create, easy to manage and cost effective.

Mobile website reigns in Kidz Kingdom

Kidz KingdomWe bring a touch of Hollywood glamour to the spotlight this week with Kidz Kingdom a special needs daycare center based in North Hollywood. This sweet little mobile site has some beautiful design and with just a few features activated they still manage to tell their story with verve.

Kidz Kingdom is a day care center for children with special needs. They create a safe and social environment for children who might not normally get the chance to socialize with other children due to fragile medical conditions. Finding day care for any child is tough for many parents, and with Kidz Kingdom being the only special needs childcare center in the Los Angeles area they are a lifeline for many parents who would otherwise struggle. Kidz Kingdom is doing a great job with their mobile site giving visitors all the information they need at their fingertips.

Kidz Kingdom

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