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Yearly Archives: 2015

7 Statistics on Global Mobile Usage

Mobile Stats

Mobile penetration is growing faster than ever. It was predicted that the pace of adoption would slow – but developing nations saw the importance of connection to their growth long ago. Investments in infrastructure have…

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4 Simple Steps to Nail eCommerce

goMobi comes with everything you need to build and grow an online business. Unlike other eCommerce solutions, we don’t charge extra for each feature like SEO, marketing tools, analytics, product reviews, coupons and many…

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Revisiting the Mobile Apocalypse

mobile apocalypse

It’s been months since Google’s April 21 deadline for mobile friendliness for sites. The promise was that any site which was not mobile friendly by then would be penalized on search rankings. That’s one…

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Device Redirection: what you need to know

Website redirection is a key way in which businesses can tailor their online presence to suit any customer’s device. Whether it be mobile or tablet, device redirection means that the most suitable version of the site…

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