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4 Simple Steps to Nail eCommerce

goMobi comes with everything you need to build and grow an online business. Unlike other eCommerce solutions, we don’t charge extra for each feature like SEO, marketing tools, analytics, product reviews, coupons and many more. They are all available to you from the beginning, and are simple to get set up.

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We’re going to run through how to set up a shopping cart which allows you to sell up to 100 products. Your visitors can then purchase via PayPal or the Amazon payment gateway.

The ‘Shopping Cart’ feature can be accessed via the features section of the goMobi Web Manager. Follow this 4 Step process, but remember you need to have your PayPal or Amazon merchant account already set up.

Step 1:  Enter Overview of Products

Enter a brief description to appear at the top of your shopping cart/products page.

Step 2:  Choose your Payment Provider

You can choose either PayPal or Amazon payment options.

Step 3: Enter Payment Credentials


image 1

  • Enter your PayPal Login.
  • All currencies supported by PayPal have been added to the Shopping cart option of the products feature. Select currency via the Select currency drop down menu.
  • The price of each product you are selling should include the shopping cost as there is currently no option to add shipping cost separately via PayPal.


image 2b

  • Then enter your payment credentials to set up your Amazon cart;
    • Amazon Merchant ID
    • Amazon Access Key ID
    • Amazon Secret
    • All the above information will be provided by Amazon upon merchant account creation
  • Currently only payments in US Dollars are accepted with Amazon.
  • Shipping is handled within the Amazon payment gateway, customers will automatically see your shipping rates in the checkout pipeline, you must set your shipping rates within you Amazon account.

Step 4:  Add Items to Cart

Select Add/manage items which allows you to add up to 100 items to your store.

  • Add an image, item name, price and description for the product.

image 3

  • A comment field can be added on a per product basis, if you would like visitors to leave specific requirements/requests for a product they are buying.

image 4

  • An overall comments field can also be added via the ‘Options’ area of the products feature.

image 5

  • You can change the order of products on you site, select the ‘Add/Manage items’ button, select the item that you want to move and drag it to the new position, the changes will automatically be updated.

Your products are available to your customers immediately, it couldn’t be any easier!

Here’s one we made earlier –


Why not try it for yourself? goMobi is free to trial.

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