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4 Mobile Commerce Facts

It’s mid 2016 and the goal for online marketers and business owners is to make shopping via mobile devices, to increase online store revenue. Matt Asay, VP of mobile at Adobe Marketing Cloud, says “(Last Christmas) was a fantastic season for mobile purchasing and mobile giving despite the fact that buying on the smartphone in particular causes a lot of stress.” Conversion is still the biggest problem for mobile commerce, as mobile checkout remains a major pain. Development and Marketing teams have limited budgets to build the best mobile experience for e commerce. This means the mobile app / mobile web debate will continue. Here are the latest mobile commerce trends:

Mobile vs Desktop

The number of users browsing the internet from mobile devices surpassed desktop users in late 2014. That seems like a long time ago now and the figures have only increased. Mobile devices have reached saturation point in most markets and web design for commerce is working quickly to catch up. Read more

Two Billion

Over two billion mobile phone or tablet users will make a mobile commerce transaction globally by the end of 2017, up from 1.6 billion this year. Of course, this figure counts consumers who purchase only once ever. Read more

45 Percent

A BI Intelligence report states that by 2020, mobile commerce will make up 45 percent of total e-commerce, equaling $284 billion in sales. That’s more than three times what’s expected for 2016: BI Intelligence predicts mobile commerce will hit 20.6 percent of overall e-commerce, or $79 billion. Read more


“The mobile strategy has been, ‘we’re going to build an app and then we’re done,’” said Matt Asay. “In 2016 that’s going to change. A holistic mobile approach needs to be the first consideration for retailers because it’s the first consideration for their customers.” Read more

Fact & Prediction

Forrester Research produced a report on the EU-7 (France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and the UK) which stated that in 2015, 30% of online sales in travel and retail took place via mobile or tablet, and this will increase to 41% by 2021. Smartphones are driving mobile commerce growth, with retail sales on smartphones growing at twice the rate of retail sales on tablets. Read more


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