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5 Ways to Boost Your Mcommerce Sales

Customers use mobile devices for pretty much everything, including shopping. Needless to say, a mobile-optimized website is paramount in today’s landscape. There are certain key elements that website owners need to get right in order to make their m-commerce strategy work. Check out our 5 latest tips on how to boost your m-commerce sales.

1. Optimize the Purchase Process

One of the key obstacles to selling more online to mobile shoppers is perfecting the purchase process. Jamie Appleseed, Co-Founder of Baymard Institute, states that mobile checkout is an “evil mix of the wide range of checkout usability issues that are universally applicable regardless of device, blended with the unique constraints of the mobile platform”. Today’s customers do not want to spend a lot of time making a purchase on their mobile device so online businesses must find ways to simplify the process and enable mobile users to make a purchase in as few steps as possible.

A couple of ways you can achieve this is reducing the number of fields customers have to enter in your forms and giving users the ability to use previously entered payment information to fast track purchases. Continuous testing of the purchase process should regularly be done until it is both easy and obvious. You can learn more about goMobi’s shopping cart feature here and how you can create one that fits your purchase process.


2. Make User Experience Central

It has become business critical to design a website with the user in mind from the very beginning. A poor user experience can be very damaging to a company’s reputation as users can abandon websites within seconds.

To take advantage of the ever-growing mobile market, companies need to optimize user experience which enables them to make purchases more easily. This means optimizing font sizes and links so they are easy to tap onscreen. It is also useful to apply tap-to-call links that make it easier to call the business directly from a phone. Website navigation should also be continuously improved so mobile shoppers can search and find what they’re looking for in an instant. goMobi has a range of professionally designed templates right-out-of-the-box that enable you to easily create mobile-optimised sites.

3. Have a Cross-Device Strategy

Customers rarely make linear purchases on mobile, often researching and evaluating across several devices. This has resulted in a multi-device path to purchase on e-commerce websites. To account for these multiple devices, companies need to have websites that have a consistent presence on multiple screens.

Try using mobiReady, a free tool for developers, designers and marketers to test website performance on mobile devices. Based on the score, you will get a customized action plan to ensure your site is mobile-friendly. You can optimize your site by making it lightweight and easy to navigate on even the oldest phone models. This greatly increases the reach and performance of your website as it is can be made easily accessible to all devices.


4. Make your Website Lighter and Faster

According to research from Compass, conversions fall by 12% for every second it takes your page to load. To put it another way: if your business is making $1,000 on your site every day, an improvement of just 1 second in page speed could mean an increase in revenue of $43,000 every year. Mobile shoppers have become extremely sensitive to website performance so displaying tons of images, CSS and JavaScript effectively kill any chances of a strong mobile conversion rate.

It may seem obvious but you need to create content that loads quickly on mobile. goMobi is the perfect tool for this – check out our website builder features which include the best ways to build your site content for mobile.

5. Make your Website Visual

As mobile screens are much smaller than desktops, you need to give prime real estate to visual content. This allows audiences to consume your content more efficiently which satisfies their content needs.

Make sure your product photos are displayed prominently so mobile users don’t easily miss them. Visually engaging mobile users brings you a step closer to a sale.



One of the quickest ways to get your mobile optimized site off the ground is through goMobi, our website builder tool that allows you to come up with fast and lightweight sites that look great on any device.


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