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An Easier And Quicker Way to Get Your Customers Online – goMobi 2.4

The goMobi 2.4 release is due to be deployed in our live environment on Tuesday May 3rd. You may circulate the following with your customers, showing them what this release brings. The content of the release includes:


An Easier And Quicker Way to Get Your Customers Online

goMobi Site

We are introducing a new way to create a website using goMobi. Instead of being presented with the existing Web Manager directly, we are introducing a new set of steps that are designed to guide the user through selecting:

  • look of their website (template)
  • adding and editing images for mobile and desktop presentation
  • adding essential information like location and contact number
  • adding social media links

These new pages make it easier for users to create a fully functional website in an intuitive way. Users can then choose to add more features using the existing Web Manager.

Fresh New Templates

goMobi Templates

A new, fresh, modern look has been brought to goMobi websites by the addition of seven new templates. These new templates work in conjunction with the Web Manager enhancement. A small number of changes to the existing Web Manager have been made to accommodate this. These templates will be the default templates going forward, all other templates will be available through the Web Manager.

That’s all for now, check back regularly for more goMobi news. To try goMobi, click here:

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