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New goMobi Features for February

gomobi Feb 2016 3

It has been a busy year for the goMobi team. We’ve been working hard, striving to improve the goMobi product for all of our customers.  This release sees some great new functionality added to…

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goMobi’s 1.8.2 Release goes live today!


At goMobi we strive to continually update our product so that our reseller partners can offer a broad and comprehensive solution to their customers. With that in mind, we are delighted to announce that the 1.8.2 release went live today.

goMobi release 1.8 is out and it’s jam-packed with new features

The goMobi team has been working extremely hard on this latest release, just in time for Christmas. And it’s jam-packed with great new features. Where to start? We love the new Site Navigation Menu Bar for smartphones and tablets, there’s seamless integration with Google+, support for Google Adwords campaign tracking, and we’ve added several new ad networks. Plus a host of other enhancements to make your goMobi stand out from the crowd. All in all it’s a bumper release to celebrate the holiday season. Merry Christmas everyone!

Google PLus

Check Out The Latest goMobi Enhancements

opening hours

We are constantly working to develop goMobi so we can offer the very best features and experience to our customers. Our customers are a huge part of our product development and without their feedback we would be just like any other mobile website solution. You talk and we listen.

goMobi 1.7 goes live!

As our reseller partners will already know, the latest version of goMobi goes live today. We’ve been busy improving on the user experience of the Control Panel. We’ve also added even more new templates and made a number of really useful enhancements that make goMobi sites go the extra mile for your business.

goMobi Templates

goMobi Launch New Dashboard

Selection of Dashboard Screenshots

goMobi just launched a new goMobi Dashboard interface which now allows partners to create sites on free 3rd level domains, manage and report on their site base, manage and offer custom solutions to their…

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