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Check Out The Latest goMobi Enhancements

We are constantly working to develop goMobi so we can offer the very best features and experience to our customers.  Our customers are a huge part of our product development and without their feedback we would be just like any other mobile website solution.  You talk and we listen.

Based on this we have added the following enhancements…

Opening Hours

A great many number of mobile sites fall into the catering or hospitality sector and many of these businesses have late night opening that crosses from one day to another, so, with this in mind we have adjusted our functionality accordingly.

opening hours

The opening Hours feature now supports:

  • 24 hour clock format in addition to AM/PM
  • 24 hour opening hours e.g.
    Wednesday 21.00 – 02.30

Site SEO

SEO is a very important part of any website, now with our enhanced SEO features customers can make full use of Google’s Webmaster Tools and  direct links to Google+ can also be included.

Logo and ‘Web-app’ Bookmark Feature Improvements

With these enhancements we aim to make tailoring a goMobi site even easier.  Upload logo is now displayed in the feature panel and the automatic creation of a ‘Web-app’ bookmark icon will use the site logo to generate the icon.

Background Image Enhancement

Adding images to any website can really make it standout, mobile websites are no different.  To help our customers make the most of this we have enhanced our background image feature by automatically resizing the background images added.


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