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Case study: Clontarf Credit Union’s goMobi companion site

Mobile sites are particularly important for businesses working in the financial services sector given that excellent mobile optimization can drive a lot of sales, sign-ups and product inquiries. Here’s how Clontarf Credit Union implemented a goMobi companion site to improve the User Experience for mobile visitors.

An easy way to provide seamless experience for mobile users

Today’s smartphones are powerful enough to display desktop websites but it doesn’t mean these websites look great on a smartphone screen. In fact in most cases they require horizontal scrolling and zooming to view the content.

goMobi allows website owners to create a mobile-optimized site that works together with the desktop site but is viewable only on phones. Mobile users are automatically redirected to the mobile site while others get the desktop version. It’s the quickest way to make sure mobile visitors get a great experience, due to the fact that it can be implemented without making any changes to the desktop site apart from applying the redirection code.

Give mobile users what they are looking for

goMobi companion site for mobile visitors is what Clontarf Credit Union decided to implement on its existing desktop website. The new mobile site has a different, mobile-optimized view that fits smaller screens and highlights those aspects that are the most sought-after by mobile visitors. For example the ‘Call Us’ button is located at the top of the page and it automatically triggers the phone’s dialer app using the tap-to-call functionality.

The mobile version is also considerably lighter and faster making browsing it on the phone a much better experience. Here you can compare both versions of the Credit Union’s website:

Desktop site     Mobile site

Clontarf Credit Union’s Chairman on the new mobile site

We had a chance to ask Clontarf Credit Union’s Chairman Derek McGrath a few questions about the new mobile website:

goMobi Team: How does the Credit Union’s goMobi website differ from the desktop version?

Derek McGrath: Our standard desktop version does not present well when displayed on a mobile device whereas the goMobi version offers a clear and simple user interface. It’s intuitive to navigate and therefore provides our members with an easy access to key functionalities whilst on the go.

How did you choose which elements to include on the goMobi website?

From our desktop based version we knew which functionality was used the most. Additionally we had both formal and informal feedback from a growing number of members who wanted to be able to access and monitor their accounts whilst away from their desk.

Also, we wanted to be able to effectively communicate special offers, changes in opening hours or changes to policies in a simple, easy to understand manner. goMobi allowed for quick updates to the home screen thereby allowing the Credit Union to alert changes and offers in a quick and effective way.

What percentage of all visitors view your website on mobile devices? Has this number grown?

At present the desktop site still has a higher hit rate than our mobile site, however our mobile activity is steadily growing week to week. This growth is built on word of mouth rather than an orchestrated marketing campaign, however in the New Year we intend to focus on highlighting mobile capabilities.

What benefits, in your opinion, does the goMobi site offer to your mobile visitors?

The mobile site increases confidence in the Credit Union by allowing our members access their Credit Union’s information, regardless of where they are. It also acts as a statement of intent that Clontarf is committed to improving services for our members.

Here you can check out both versions of the Clontarf Credit Union’s sites:

Make your mobile users happy

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