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Connect with Customers and add Click-to-Call to your Mobile Site

Click-to-callThis week there was a great post on mobiForge  on the how adding a Click-to-Call link increases the mobile friendliness of your website.  The piece highlights the apprehension that exists around making a website work on mobile devices but stresses that a simple addition like Click-to-Call is a great initial step. It goes into good technical detail on how to properly add a Click-to-Call to your website and how it works across different device capabilities. The piece is worth the read for any business in the initial phase of addressing their mobile web strategy.

But what are those businesses with limited technical knowledge to do? A great solution is to use a goMobi mobile site. It is easy to set up and adding a ‘Call Us’ feature is achieved in a few simple steps, no coding or technical knowledge is required. It is a great way for a business to get a mobile presence and engage with mobile customers.






The Click-to-Call feature is an essential addition to any mobile website.

  1. It promotes customer engagement by providing the site visitor with instant access to a phone number, seamlessly connecting the customer and the business.
  2. It increases sales conversions as people use click to call to find out information make purchases.
  3. It compliments local search by facilitating the purchase intent that goes along with that with a clear call to action to contact the business.


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