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If you have an existing desktop site and you’re thinking about a mobile site, why not check out goMobi Xpress?  It’s a completely free way to effortlessly create a fully functioning mobile site based on your desktop site. Just enter your desktop URL and we’ll do the rest! Your mobile site will then stay live for 24 hours, so you can see for yourself goMobi’s fast, feature-rich mobile optimized sites in action.

goMobi Xpress generates the mobile site based on information retrieved from your desktop site. It automatically recognizes your desktop site’s  branding, logo,  look and feel, meta tags and menu structure  and converts it into a mobile optimized format. All in just one click.

goMobi Xpress automatically creates click-to-call, mapping  and email features on your mobile site using your address and contact details from your desktop site. And we’ll create links to all your social media channels listed on your desktop site. So your mobile site is a fully functioning customer fulfillment tool from the get go!

Tweak the site or add to it any way you want when you create it. Try it as many times as you like. Try it now!

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