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Funny Cartoons in the spotlight this week

In the goMobi Spotlight this week: 

The Funny Cartoon is a quirky website that hosts many funny cartoons and games. I guess some people might call it a ‘hobby’ website, but we see that it is a great way for a business to grow its reach in social media. It can be difficult for some businesses to understand the phenomenon that is Social Networking and we think The Funny Cartoon has a great approach.

People readily share content they find funny over their social networks, by producing content such as this and then linking back to their full website, The Funny Cartoon can then channel visitors to their other sites and sell advertising space.

Why we picked it: 

We picked this week for a few different reasons.

Firstly we liked the fact that The Funny Cartoon was a type of mobile site that we had not seen before, it is for peoples entertainment and to bring a smile to their face on a Monday morning.

We also like how The Funny Cartoon on their full website, link back to their mobile friendly version and promote the fact that they do have a mobile friendly website.

Finally… we had a little chuckle at some of the funny cartoons!

For these reasons is the site in the goMobi Spotlight this week.

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