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Germans Find the Mobile Internet Handy

With almost 114 million mobile phone subscriptions, Germany is the single largest mobile market in Europe. For those of you current on German population trends, yes, that does mean there are more mobile subscriptions than people. 1.3 phones for every person in the country.

So what is everyone in Germany doing with their phones? Well, similar to much of the rest of the world, mobile internet usage is growing. 21 million Germans used the mobile internet in 2012 up 26% from 2011. 2013 is set to see almost 26 million mobile internet users. Price Waterhouse Cooper are forecasting 65 million mobile internet users in 5 years. 40% of people are using the mobile internet for up to 20 minutes a day. Everyone else is using the mobile web for longer. This goes across all age groups and at any time of day. 20% of smartphone users, and 15% of tablet users, use their device before they get out of bed. When we say “goMobi websites any mobile device, anywhere” that’s not what we were thinking but it works!

So what is everyone in Germany doing with on the mobile internet? News, directions, entertainment, local search and product information make up the top 5 categories of activities. When looking at product information the top three things to do are;

1. Pricing Comparison
2. Product Test Reports
3. Review and Evaluations

Good information to bear in mind when building mobile websites.

List of product information sought via Mobile devices

Product Information on the Mobile Web

For more on the mobile Internet in Germany check out mobiThinking. For those in Germany considering becoming a goMobi partner, we will be at the World Hosting Day in Köln tomorrow.  You can register here.  For those ready to build a mobile website, here is a list of goMobi partners.

The German word for mobile phone is ‘Handy’. Truly a descriptive term for what mobile usage has come to represent.


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