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goMobi 1.7 goes live!

As our reseller partners will already know, the latest version of goMobi goes live today.

We’ve been busy improving on the user experience of the Control Panel and release 1.7 sees a new wider look and a new Tools tab to make finding marketing and promotional tools easier.

As ever the ability for site owners to make their sites stand out from the crowd is hugely important and we’ve added even more new templates to help them do that. There’s also a number of really useful enhancements that make goMobi sites go the extra mile for your business.

goMobi Templates

Enhanced templates

At the business end of things we’ve added functionality to several site features:

  • Redeemable coupons – you can now add a Redeem Coupon button to your coupon promotions and set how may coupons you want to offer, and the frequency they are offered. You can also capture data from visitors who are requesting coupons. through the site which gives a powerful way to build up  your business and reward loyal customers.
  • Improved Shopping cart – you can now take custom product orders from customers via a text field – think T-Shirts slogans or custom engravings.
  • Enhanced Form support – the Forms feature gets a makeover with the ability to insert date, phone number, email fields as well as support for HTML forms on smartphones.

We’ve made some tweaks and changes to existing features to improve how they work in the real world. We hope you like the flexibility we’ve added to features like:

  • Multiple Click to Call – now you can add up to 6 click to call numbers to a site so you are no longer restricted to one contact number.
  • Site Customization – you can now customize the site footer via the Footer tab and optionally display a phone number, address and/or suppress footer branding.
  • Opening Hours – you can now specify opening hours at holiday times by adding text explanation to your regular opening hours.  So if you are closed for a couple of days around a big holiday, you can say so, thanks to a new text field within the Opening Hours feature.
  • Improved native HTML Support – for all the developers and out there, tag restrictions have been removed from the WYSIWYG editor and you can now insert tables via the editor and align text with in HTML.  1.7 also supports animated images.
  • UK Flag and UK Language – full support for UK English now added to the Control Panel. You can set the Control Panel language to UK English and of course the language of the goMobi site.
  • Background image – you can now upload an image and use it as a background image for the goMobi site. The image can be tiled or not as required.
  • Create Link  for SMS – now you can add an SMS link to the site via the Create Link option in addition to email and web.



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