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goMobi: a multi-screen web presence solution

The huge popularity of browsing from mobile devices—tablets and phones—has changed the way we access the web forever.  To keep pace with these changes, businesses now need to cater to all screens that their customers use to engage with them. We’ve always known this, which is why we launched goMobi back in 2010 to help customers cater to the upsurge in mobile traffic. Since then, we have continued to invest in developing a fast, easy, reliable and flexible way for businesses to bypass costly development and to help them engage with their customers on the mobile channel.  As of this year, goMobi caters for larger screens—tablets and desktops—as well as mobile phones.

Today we’re delighted to launch an update to our website, showcasing an updated goMobi, which makes it possible to create great websites that adapt to any screen size, not just mobile phones. goMobi is now a full-spectrum solution to create a web presence and an easy to use CMS. And of course, a reseller platform.


goMobi has always prided itself in how much effort and testing we put into supporting mobile devices.  We have rolled out that vision to tablets and larger screen devices, with a our range of great new templates designed specifically for tablets and  larger screen formats such as laptops and desktops.

The focus for goMobi has always been on mobile, and we continue to put mobile first in the equation. In terms of site performance. In terms of load times. In terms of customer satisfaction. We are still focused on optimization of the end user experience because we know that translates into better business for our customers. As the term mobile itself has moved to encompass any device that can be carried around, goMobi’s focus now naturally extends to include a solution that can create “end-to-end” web experiences.

What’s really great about this release is that all goMobi customers can avail of these new layouts right from within the current the Control Panel — goMobi’s online CMS to create and edit sites—without having to change anything in their current environments. Customers can choose to enable the tablet and large screen option and goMobi will automatically create a layout and redirect all tablet and larger screen devices to that experience.

Creating a presence across all devices is now a requirement for any online strategy. It doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. So whether you are a business or an individual, goMobi offers a solution to create a sophisticated web presence for all devices in use today.

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