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goMobi comes out on top in site benchmark tests

goMobi is a product we are very proud of at dotMobi. It has been under active development for over 4 years and has a global base of reseller partners with hundreds of thousands of sites under management.

It’s not the only web site solution on the market, but there are significant differences between goMobi and other options out there. One of the areas that goMobi excels is in how it can generate a mobile-friendly web content from an existing desktop site.

“Pre-crawling” is the term we use to describe the automated process of goMobi analyzing a customer’s desktop website, extracting the most important information and generating a mobile-first website that can serve a wide range of devices. This is a “hands-off” process using a simple wizard to guide the user through the process.

Testing goMobi

We looked at three high-profile websites from the Alexa Top 100 list to test goMobi’s performance.

We wanted to use familiar websites which had busy homepages but we needed to be sure the page content wasn’t likely to change while tests were being run.  To illustrate our selection criteria, Google’s homepage wasn’t a good candidate as there is almost no content and Amazon’s homepage wasn’t suitable either because the line-up of products change regularly based on some internal business algorithm.

In the end the sites we settled on as test samples were:

While there are many sites we could have used, these served our needs perfectly. Finally, we benchmarked goMobi’s performance against 3 alternative mobile web site builders on the market.

The Metrics

The tests we ran were focused on user experience. Does the website that is generated by goMobi perform well? Would it adapt and handle different mobile devices easily? Other factors aside, the speed and usability of a website are critical factors to mobile success.

We began by testing the following:

  • the number of HTTP requests made to load the site
  • the total homepage download size in kilobytes
  • the page load time in seconds

The lower these three values are, the better the site will perform. The smaller they collectively are, the faster a page will be delivered to the browser and the faster it will render for the user. A positive user experience begins here.

Next we tested the sample sites using the following:

mobiReady is our own mobile site testing tool for measuring mobile readiness, it provides a result score from zero to five with five being the optimal mobile experience and zero being an absolute failure. Pagespeed Insights is a tool from Google, both of it’s test-suites provide results as percentages out of one hundred. These three scores should be as high as possible, they measure how well the sites adapt to the mobile experience.

The Screenshots

The screenshots generated during testing are interesting by themselves.

cnn gomobi

CNN by goMobi

wikipedia gomobi

Wikipedia by goMobi

buzzfeed gomobi

Buzzfeed by goMobi


goMobi performed well, in our estimation, on all three test sites. The pre-crawl process accurately scaled down the site’s experiences into small mobile views. It has done well in capturing the logos and general design of the larger desktop sites. And yet it provides a degree of variation across the three sites, allowing each to be unique and distinctive.

The Results

For the first set of tests, the lower the score the better the performance.

goMobi averaged 19 HTTP requests. The nearest alternative we used to benchmark goMobi averaged 44 requests.

goMobi averaged 106 kilobytes of data. The nearest alternative averaged 328 kilobytes.

goMobi averaged 1.12 seconds load time. The nearest alternative averaged 2.14 seconds.

For the second set of tests, the higher the score the better the performance.

goMobi averaged a 1.77 mobiReady score. The nearest alternative averaged 1.54

goMobi averaged 72% on Google Insights Speed. The nearest alternative averaged 64%.

goMobi averaged 99% on Google Insights User Experience. The nearest alternative averaged 95%.

Examining the data closely, goMobi won sixteen times against the other offerings and tied for first place twice.

The Summary

The test results are clear –  goMobi provides high performance, quality web sites. It automatically generated three light, fast, mobile-friendly websites. Given these results, we’re confident that goMobi will outperform many alternatives on the market.

Development of goMobi continues constantly and we are always striving to improved user experience. Why not try goMobi out to see how well our sites perform. Test a goMobi site for free today.

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