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goMobi content mobilization platform from dotMobi adds new features

Due to developer demand, new features launched, joining existing designer-specific
goMobi features for adapting Web content into mobile-ready sites more easily than ever

DUBLIN, Sept. 1, 2010 — dotMobi, a worldwide leader in the development & discovery of quality mobile content and the company behind the .mobi Internet domain, today announced additional “requested by developers” features for goMobi™, the world’s first content mobilization platform — a hybrid of a traditional content management system and a practically automatic mobile website builder.

In a recent dotMobi survey conducted by Human Factors International, 94% of developers in the USA, India, Germany and China felt that the mobile Web represents an untapped market for small businesses. Based on this and additional survey findings, dotMobi has quickly integrated features that developers noted as being especially useful in serving small businesses with mobile websites, including new transcoding options plus “Quick Site Copy” and “Add Pages” features.

goMobi now allows designers to fully control the transformation of existing website content into mobile-friendly content. This means developers can produce compelling mobile content in minutes while minimizing maintenance time because changes to the source website can be automatically rendered on the goMobi site. Also, goMobi now incorporates automatic transcoding of subpages within a desktop site for a seamless mobile user experience.

The goMobi “Quick Site Copy” feature lets developers rapidly reproduce goMobi sites for similar business types without having to recreate work. This means developers can save time and money by creating templates for clients with like needs, such as nightclubs or law offices. The “Add Pages” feature makes it easy to create an unlimited number of additional goMobi pages for flexibility in creating unique mobile websites.

“Since its launch in June, goMobi has been warmly received by both our sales channel and our target audiences of Web developers and small-to-medium businesses (SMBs). These new features ensure that goMobi continues to be a fast, easy and complete solution for developers and designers, as well as meeting the needs of SMBs and Web services companies who serve these audiences,” said Trey Harvin, CEO, dotMobi.

For information on how registrars, Web services & hosting companies, and developers & designers can offer goMobi to their customers, please contact

Details on setting up your goMobi mobile website are at (on desktops) and at (on mobile devices).


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