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goMobi In the World – Round Up 2013

As the “Happy New Year” greetings draw to a close, here’s a round up of what proved most popular in our mobile and goMobi content for 2013.

On the goMobi blog

On the goMobi blog, as elsewhere in the mobile world, there continues to be great interest in the question of apps versus mobile websites.  This article looked at how building an app is not a  “one size fits all solution” and considered the categories of; cost and development, search engine visibility as well as effort and maintenance.    Redirection code on a desktop site ensures that site visitors on mobile devices are automatically served the best goMobi site based on their device capabilities and connectivity. Little wonder then that  Why you need mobile redirection code came in second with blog readers.   Also in the top 10 were various goMobi product releases (more about that next week) and goMobi awards.

In the goMobi Spotlight

In the goMobi Spotlight, there was quite the variety of businesses making the move to mobile.  While the single largest goMobi business sector is professional services (22%)  with hotels and restaurants (20%) a close second, the two most popular Spotlight articles this year were from Globe Drive In a family-owned drive-in

movie Theatre in Barbados Home-Page-Mobile-Site-Movie-Theater & FairyGothMother FairyGothMother mobile websitewhich is one of the world’s largest and most famous purveyors of steel-boned corsets, lingeries and bridal gowns and is based in the UK.   goMobi sitea were used in over 220 countries in 2013.  That’s goMobi sites in a lot of languages but we can’t say exactly how many!

In the goMobi social world

In the goMobi social world (mainly Facebook and Twitter) readers voted with their clicks making an article from called Tips and Tweaks for your goMobi Layouts the number one choice.  In the article Nathan Segal writes about mobile web page design and page layout including entering text or HTML code. There is also an example of how to use basic HTML on a page.

The second most popular item was the new ability to try goMobi for free.  This tool enables you to build a 24 hour sample mobile site either from an existing desktop site or using one of the goMobi page templates.  Next up was video consumption on mobile phones from Comscore followed by goMobi winning an Award for Best Mobile Web Publishing Platform.  I love the photo the team organized in celebration. There was quite the excitement upon hearing the verdict from the 500 strong judging panel.  dotMobi-Engineering-team

Lastly, the ability to edit HTML and CSS in goMobi from htmlgoodies also made the top five.  Since the article was written goMobi’s device detection has grown to 12,000+ devices ensuring site visitors have the optimal user experience that their device and connection allows.  It’s not just for smartphones.



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And Happy New Year to You All.


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