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goMobi release 1.8 is out and it’s jam-packed with new features

The goMobi team has been working extremely hard on this latest release, just in time for Christmas. And it’s jam-packed with great new features.

Where to start? We love the new Site Navigation Menu Bar for smartphones and tablets, there’s seamless integration with Google+, support for Google Adwords campaign tracking, and we’ve added support for several new ad networks. There’s redeemable Coupons tracking, full home page control, built-in compliance with EU Cookie regulation plus a host of other enhancements to help make your goMobi site stand out from the crowd. All in all it’s a bumper release to celebrate the holiday season. Wishing all goMobi customers everywhere a Merry Christmas!

New Site Navigation Menu Bar

We’ve added a great new Site Navigation Menu Bar for smartphone, tablet and desktop devices to enable easier navigation through goMobi sites.

New site navigation bar

The Site Navigation Menu bar will contain the following features by default provided they are enabled. If a feature has not been activated then it will not appear in the bar.

  • Home – link to ‘Home’ page
  • Find Us – link to the ‘Find Us’ feature
  • Mail – display a drop down menu of ‘Keep Me Informed’ and/or ‘Leave A Message’ features
  • Call Us – will contain all ‘Click to call’ features and/or ‘Call Me Back’ feature
  • More– will display a drop down menu of any other feature that has been added to the site

Watch the video: Adding and using the site navigation menu bar.

The Site Navigation Menu bar will be added to new goMobi sites created on version 1.8 onwards. To add it to an existing site or to customize an existing mobile website, check out this video: Adding templates to your mobile website

Integrate your Google+ page with your site

In addition to Twitter and Facebook, you can now provide access to your Google+ page content from within your mobile site. All you need to do is add the Google+ URL or ID into the field provided and Google+ content will automatically be displayed on your goMobi site.

Google PLus

Integrate your Google+ page

Sharing via Google+ has been added to the Share options which are displayed at the bottom of the site and it has also been added to the Tell A Friend feature as an option.

Watch the video: How to add Google+ to your mobile site 

Google AdWords tracking

You can now track traffic and conversions from your Google Adwords campaigns to your mobile site.   Just enter your Google AdWords Conversion ID and Label via the Advanced Options area of each feature to track visitors.   You can then view all traffic and conversions from your Google AdWords dashboard.


Google Adwords tracking

For features with forms (Forms, Booking Request, Call Me Back and Keep Me Informed), the tracking code will be inserted into the confirmation page of the form enabling you to track conversions.

New options to monetize your site

In addition to Google AdSense, you can also display ads on your site from the Adfonic, Mojiva, and Smaato ad platforms by inserting the relevant ad platform ID.  We have added an Additional Options area within the Ads feature so you can choose where you want the ads to appear on your site; on the Home page and/or subpages of the site, on the top, bottom etc.

Added flexibility and control over site design
  • Decide which features appear on the Home page
    We’ve given you complete control over what appears on the Home page. Previously all features activated on a goMobi site appeared on the Home page by default. You can now add features/pages to the site and select to ‘hide’ them from the Home page.
    Watch the video:
    How to hide features from the site Home page
  • Creating Subpages
    Now you can now create subpages and add them to any page that has a WYSIWYG Editor.


    Add Subpages

    Watch the video: How to create subpages

  • WYSIWYG Editor Enhancements
    You can now control font type, color and size and also configure the alignment of text or objects inserted into a page via the editor.Watch the video:Using the WYSIWYG editor
  • Widgets
    You can now insert various ‘widgets’ into pages that have a WYSIWYG editor.  Using widgets you can add the following to any page:

    • YouTube video
    • PayPal button
    • Google Wallet button
    • Mobile Ads ( using the any of the supported ad platforms: Adfonic, Google AdSense, Mojiva and Smaato )


    Just click on the ‘widget’ icon that you want to display in the page and enter the information required in the corresponding Pop-up widow and click OK.

  • Custom background colors for Site Navigation Menu Bar and internal site pages
    Additional color options have been added to the ‘Site Color’ feature to enable further customization of the site colors. You now also have the option to customize the color of the new Site Navigation Menu Bar as well as customizing the color of internal site pages.
And there’s more…
  • All goMobi sites accessed within the EU or that have an address within the EU will display a message on the site façade asking users to allow cookies on the site. This gives you compliance with recent EU regulations on using cookies.


    Compliance with EU Cookie regulation

  • 24 hour clock format support
    We’ve added the option to set the time format on your site to AM/PM or 24 hour clock in the Language & Region feature in the Design area.
  • Redeemable Coupons tracking
    If you added redeemable coupons to your site you can track how many of them have been redeemed. Go to the Redeem Options of the coupon on the Control Panel and you will see the number of people that have redeemed that specific coupon.
Enhanced Help and Video tutorials

Finally, we’ve created a range of How to video tutorials to help you use the new functionality of the goMobi Control Panel. You can access them from Help page which has been enhanced to enable navigation across all of the Control Panel.  Check them out on our Youtube channel.

Resellers can download the ‘How to’ video tutorials to use elsewhere from the Resource centre on





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