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Now Showing – The great mobile web experience with ‘Globe Drive-In’ movie theater

In the goMobi Spotlight this week: Globe Drive-InGlobe Drive-In - goMobi Spotlight

The goMobi Spotlight this week is on Globe Drive-In, a family owned and operated drive in movie theater located in Christ Church Barbados. The Globe Drive-In brings on a real old sense of nostalgia. It is a shame to think of these wonderful social hubs being forced out of business because of Hollywood’s move to digital and the cost to upgrade from the now almost defunct movie form film reels. Globe Drive-In offers customers the chance to enjoy an unforgettable movie experience with family, friends, or a special someone. It is great to see places like Globe Drive-In are still flying the flag and keeping tradition alive. Their adoption of a mobile specific website is testament to their forward thinking, and a big step towards making sure we won’t see the last of these great institutions that light up the faces of young and old with dreams from Hollywood.

Their mobile site is the perfect solution to meet their customers needs. People who are mobile, perhaps even already in their cars, they don’t have access to a desktop while driving through town. So do they drive home and boot up their PC? Or perhaps they would just choose to access the site through their mobile phone? In some cases it might be quicker to drive home and boot up the PC than to try and find the information from a desktop site on a mobile device. Slow networks, loss of signal, data heavy pages, pinching, zooming and incompatible functionality are all pitfalls of not having a mobile specific site that will lead to a poor customer experience and ultimately a loss of revenue.

The first thing that strikes me about Globe Drive-In’s mobile site is their great use of the new Image Carousels feature. This gives them a greater ability to surface the most important information to their customers right on the homepage. They also make great use of the ability of the video feature on goMobi’s mobile website builder, this allows users to easily embed videos from Youtube and Vimeo right into their mobile webpages. Including trailers for the latest films and upcoming releases is a really good idea and exactly what movie goers want when looking at selecting a movie or theater.

As well as including mobile specific features such as click to call and the new improved find us feature, they have used the create a page feature to include a concession page that lists all the treats that go hand in hand with a great movie experience.

Why we picked it:

We picked Globe Drive-In because of their good use of our new image carousel feature and the way they meet customers needs through the mobile site by making the most of features such as video and creating a page. They are also showing how adopting new technology can help ailing industries to compete in the modern market keeping great social traditions alive in the 21st century.

So well done to Globe Drive-In, as this weeks, goMobi Spotlight site!

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