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In the goMobi Spotlight this week: Man’s Best Friend Rescue and Training AssociationMan's Best Friend Rescue and Training Association - goMobi Spotlight

The goMobi Spotlight this week is on Man’s Best Friend Rescue and Training Association. Man’s Best Friend, as the name suggests is all about our four legged friends of the canine variety. At Man’s Best Friend they specialize in dog training as well as dog rescue and adoption. Their mobile site is the perfect way for them to promote what they do and to help find caring and loving homes for some of their furry friends. The site is not overly complicated and it certainly presents all the information needed to persuade someone to chase up this lead.

Based in the picturesque county of Lincoln in the heart of England, it offers the perfect environment for dogs who are in need of a bit of love and attention. The founder of the association is Chaz Worrall, he is also the chief instructor, a professional dog trainer with over 20 years experience. Employed by the Ministry of Defense to train their working dogs in obedience, police work, agility, fire arms, explosives and drug detection work as well as remedial work and behavior modifications. One of the real secrets behind Chaz’s work is that he also trains the handlers and owners in how to work with the dog and get the best out of them. All this information and a bio of all the trainers can be found on their mobile site. Using the create a page function, Man’s Best Friend can tailor the content of any individual page on their site.

Man’s Best Friend offers several different services including, residential training, individual tuition, day training, behavioral consultations, group training classes, agility, monthly behavioral clinics and rescue and adoption. Each of these services is surfaced on their mobile website, with appropriate images and videos easily included to really make an impact. The goMobi mobile website builder offers the ability to create as many pages as a customer would need to present their content and services.

Something worth noting on the mobile site is the mobile specific features that you would not normally find on a traditional desktop website, such as Click to Call and Find Us. Man’s Best Friend has added multiple click to call options which allow customers to easily contact the right person in relation to their inquiry. The site also has multiple locations on the Find Us feature and viewers can get directions from their current location to whichever location they select with the minimum of fuss and effort.

Why we picked it:

We picked Man’s Best Friend as a great example of content in a mobile website. They have just about everything covered, after one quick visit I would have no hesitation in contacting them for further details in dog training or adoption and rescue. The mobile website does a perfect job of informing customers and highlighting the needs of rescue dogs.

So well done to Man’s Best Friend Rescue and Training Association, as this weeks, goMobi Spotlight site!

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