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and the winner is….

dotMobi is thrilled to be awarded Best Mobile Web Publishing Platform for goMobi® at the Mobile Entertainment Awards held in London 14th November 2013.

I have no visibility into the minds of the 500 strong judging panel but I can’t disagree with the vote.

goMobi® is synonymous with well designed mobile websites that continually drive new business for our customers in an environment where technology is  rapidly changing.


goMobi has long been recognised for being both fast and easy to deploy and also for being intuitive and easy to use. We proudly add this award to the previous ones.  Designed to eliminate the coding hassle and cost, our goMobi mobile publishing platform allows site owners and goMobi partners around the world to create feature rich sites that are built specifically with the mobile context of their customers in mind.



At the heart of goMobi is a dedicated team of engineers and product managers. We are passionate about the Mobile Web, and about giving our customers and your customers the best mobile web experience possible, on any device, anywhere, in any language.   All dotMobi technologies are built with speed and
performance in mind. goMobi is no exception.


AND,  this is done at a price point that is highly competitive and easy for partners and small medium businesses to see the return on investment.


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