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goMobi’s latest Release – new Menu feature is perfect for Restaurateurs


Adding a mobile friendly menu

The goMobi team have been working hard over the last couple of months on Release 1.9.1 and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed! We’ve added some great new features and functionality as well as some cool enhancements to existing items. Menus for restaurants, image carousels, native HTML coding, enhanced site editing and more…

First things first. The new bits!

Mobile-friendly menus for restaurants

We’re really excited about our brand new Menu feature. It’s the perfect tool for restaurant owners to create online menus for their restaurants.

Your mobile customers don’t want to download a heavy PDF version of your menu, they want to see what’s on your menu quickly and easily, wherever they are.  You can rename the 3 categories Appetizers, Main Courses and Deserts to anything you want – it’s a fantastic feature for any business looking to list their offerings to their customers.  Watch the video

Image carousels

You can now add an Image carousel to the logo area of your goMobi site.

Instead of simply showing a company logo, you can create an image carousel that will start automatically when the site loads. This adds an dynamic element to your mobile site. The carousel can have up to 6 images and you can add a link to each image.  Watch the video


Adding an image carousel to the site

We’ve made adding and uploading Site images is even easier with the option to select from any previously uploaded images.

Big changes to the Find Us feature

Everyone wants their business found on mobile so we have made a number of changes to the Find Us feature to make this easier. We have added a Show Nearest Location button. This means that if you have more than one location listed, visitors can use their phone’s GPS to find the nearest outlet. We have made the maps bigger to make them easier to follow and we have also added a text field to add additional directions to the address. So your customers will never get lost again! Watch the video


Let your visitors find the nearest outlet

New ways to edit your site

Editing your goMobi site is now even easier with the new and improved WYSIWYG editor There area several editing enhancements including Undo/Redo, Feature Widgets, and additional text editing tools.


Enhanced WYSIWYG editing

Code in HTML direct from goMobi

For more technical users, you can now edit and add your own source code with the Source code editor giving additional control over layout. Watch the video

To reorder items on pages with multiple options, for example a Products page or and Image gallery, you can now simply Drag and Drop to rearrange your page. Watch the video

More video and image support

In terms of enhancements, we have made a whole range of updates from the addition of Vimeo (in addition to YouTube) in the Video feature to now allowing site owners pull in images from to the Image gallery as well as support for Flickr and Picasa! Watch the video

Additional Analytics support

We have also added StatCounter to our analytics providers proving site owners with an alternative to Google Analytics.

We are delighted with this release and hope our customers will be too. If you don’t have a goMobi site why don’t you try one out for free and sign up today!


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