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goMobi’s 1.9.4 Release – last release of 2013!

It has been a busy year for the goMobi team. We have been working hard all year, striving to improve the goMobi product for our customers.  With that in mind we managed to to squeeze in one more release before the end of the year.

This release sees some great new functionality added to the goMobi layout and design features, giving the site owner more flexibility when building their site. There has also been some great enhancements added to the product such as adding an external multi device preview to the Control Panel.

New functionality

Remove Site Logo/Image Carousel on Site Subpages

In the past, if you added a logo or an image carousel to your site it appeared on the homepage and all subpages. Now you have a choice to tick a checkbox to display it only on the homepage of the site. This gives the site owner more control over the layout of the subpages of their mobile site.

Image Gallery image2 image3

Additional Site Color options

We have added more site color options to goMobi, now allowing users to configure the color of the buttons on the subpages of the site. This give greater control over configuring the site to be closer to your brand colors.

image4 image5 image6

New ‘Finish’ page layout

In an effort to improve the usability of the goMobi product, the ‘Finish’ page has been redesigned. We have made it easier for the user to share their new site on social media platforms, view their site and to also generate the desktop mobile redirection code required for automatic redirection. This page will open in a light-box allowing the user to navigate easily back to their site. It prompts the site owner so that once they have created their site they are then instructed to promote it, driving traffic.


Design tab improvements

In the design tab we have separated out the Layout configurations and Icon set functionality from the Templates feature, into their own separate Features. They will be listed under the Templates feature in the design tab.

  • Layout feature – You can now customize the home page of your site regardless of the template that you apply. The ‘Layout’ feature allows you to mix and match different head and body layouts
  • Icon Sets feature –  You can now apply or remove icons to your site regardless of the Templates or body content previously applied 

image8 image9 image10

Site SEO

To help increase site Search Engine Optimization we have added additional tools recommended by Google to the ‘Site SEO’ feature.

  • Sitemap Optimization – Referencing the link of both your desktop and mobile site in each sitemap will improve the overall SEO ranking of your sites with Google. We have added the ability to upload your desktop sitemap where we will insert the URL of your mobile site and return an optimized version of your desktop site. 
  • Google Webmaster Tools – Google Webmaster Tools are essential for business who wants to optimize their search engine discoverability and mange their listing within the Google search engine. We now connect to Google Webmaster tools and submit the mobile site for listing in Google’s search index; automatically submit the mobile sitemap; verify site ownership

image13 image14 image15


Feature layout enhancements – Options and Tools

We have improved the usability of the ‘Advanced Options’ section of each feature by separating out the content into separate ‘Option’ and Tools’ tabs within each feature. This tabbed approach enables users to easily transition between the main feature functionality and the additional options/tools easily. The tabs can be found at the top right hand side of each feature.

image17 image19 image21

External multi device preview localized

The external goMobi multi device preview which can be accessed via has now been localized into all the languages currently supported by goMobi. The user can change the language of the interface by selecting the relevant choice from the list. To view a site, the domain of the mobile site needs to be added to the the URL or the user can add it directly into the URL field. If the site is a valid goMobi site it will be displayed  in the multi device preview. If not then an error message will be displayed.


goMobiXpress Settings

We have added a new ‘Setting’ area to the header of the goMobiXpress interface to allow users to change the language of their mobile site, select their business sector without going into the main Control Panel. The link is visible on Step 3 and Step 4 of the Xpress wizard.


Control Panel

The goMobi Control Panel is now centered when opened outside of an iFrame; it will now be displayed in the center of the browser window instead of left aligned.









The goMobi 1.9.4 Release was a good end to a busy year for the goMobi team. We have worked continuously all year to improve the goMobi solution for our customers . We are looking forward to bringing you more in 2014. We thank you for your support.

If you want more information on becoming a goMobi Partner or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us: Become a Partner


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