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goMobi’s 1.9.6 Product release – Saying ‘Merhaba’ to the Turkish language


The goMobi team have had a busy start to 2014 with our first release of the year going live this week. Here at
dotMobi we strive to make continuous improvements to the goMobi product with every release. The 1.9.6 release sees some significant changes within goMobi that our customers are going to love.

Addition of the Turkish language

goMobi are delighted to announce that we now offer the goMobi website publishing platform in Turkish, increasing the number of default languages we support to thirteen. This is an important addition to our language capabilities; with the size of the mobile market in Turkey being one of the largest in the region due to the population size (Kwon, 2013), it offers partners the opportunity to capitalize on this market opportunity.

Amazon Shopping Cart

This release sees goMobi adding the Amazon payments gateway to our Shopping Cart feature. This, in addition to the existing PayPal option, greatly enhances the mCommerce capability of goMobi mobile websites.   With more people now comfortable spending on mobile devices (eMarketer, 2013) it is important that goMobi enables site owners to easily sell their products and services online.



Shopping cart


Amazon payment


Site Performance Enhancements

At goMobi we work hard to convey the optimal service and delivery of mobile sites to end users. To achieve this we have improved our API response times and caching. This means goMobi sites now load over twice as fast as on all internet enabled phones, enhancing the user experience.

Multi-Device Preview

The multi-device site preview interface within the goMobi Control Panel has been improved. Now, not only can you view the goMobi site on a broad range of devices, users have the added ability to compare any of the mobile devices against each other by dragging and dropping the phone icon into the preview. In addition, this release saw the option to view this tool added to the Admin Dashboard.

Together with the above changes a new tool was added to the multi-device site preview. Users can see what their desktop site and goMobi site looks like in an intuitive side-by-side view.

The multi-device preview tool is a great way to show the site builder not only how their goMobi mobile site looks across many difference devices but also shows it against the desktop site.  When designing the mobile site they now have a much greater context around how it will look on a cross section of devices before they publish the site.

Multi-device site preview

Multi-Device Preview side by side Comparison

Multi-Device Preview Desktop Comparison 2

Multi-Device Preview Desktop Comparison

Drag and drop

Multi-Device Preview Drag and Drop

goMobi Admin Dashboard Updates

In this release with have made a number of improvements to goMobi Admin Dashboard to giving Partners more flexibility in managing their customers sites.

Language Management Area

We have added a new language management area to the goMobi admin dashboard. Here partners can configure the site language and control panel language in addition to being able to set it via the API. It is also possible for partners to set the default languages for their parent resellers subscriptions and sites. This area give the partners much greater control over the language settings.

Manage Sites – Sub-Resellers

Integrated partners that have configured sub-resellers within the goMobi Dashboard now have the option to include the “Sub-Reseller ID” in reports generated from the Manage Sites page of the Dashboard. This helps the Partner to better manage their sub-resellers.

Manage sites

Manage Sites – Sub Resellers

Universal Search Filter

The main search area of the goMobi Admin Dashboard interface has been enhanced so that you can search by the following:

  1. Desktop domain 
  2. Mobile domain
  3. Subscription ID

This makes managing customer sites much easier for the Partner.


Search Results

The goMobi release went live this week so all this great new functionality is now available to our existing users. If you are not yet a customer, get in touch to get learn more about becoming a partner.




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