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goMobi’s eCommerce Features

Nearly 50% of all traffic now comes from mobile phones and tablets globally. This requires you to cater for those that visit your site from every type of device. If you do not have a mobile-friendly site yet, you may be missing out on a large tranche of opportunities. To capitalize on this trend towards the web usage on mobile,  it pays to have a mobile eCommerce structure in place on your website so that your customers can purchase through their devices, no matter where they are.


eCommerce for Beginners

In the past, if you wanted to open a store, your customer base would be limited to those within a certain radius of your store. These days, you can open your doors much wider, on a national or even international scale.

An eCommerce store—short for electronic commerce—is simply a way for people to buy product or services over the Internet, via a website. Or, in the simplest terms possible, an eCommerce store is an online shop.

Anyone can open an eCommerce store, especially with the tools that make it easy. We’ll concentrate on how goMobi can help you add products to your new goMobi site, and start selling in minutes.

goMobi’s eCommerce Features

When you sign up for a trial or pay for a full goMobi site, you’ll gain access to the goMobi Web Manager.  If you provide your website address upon signup, some content may be populated on your mobile site e.g. phone number, address and logo.

On the “Features” tab within the Web Manager, you may add and edit content for each of our mobile-friendly features, specific to your business.

goMobi Features


The Products feature allows you to add a link to an existing web page of products, or create your own products page from scratch. When adding your existing web page, goMobi transcodes the content so that it can be viewed on any device, and is fast and efficient.

Shopping Cart

The Shopping Cart feature allows you to add up to 100 items to your website for sale.

goMobi Shopping Cart

goMobi provides native support for PayPal and Amazon Payments, and you may choose which currencies that you wish to accept. It’s simple to get your store set up, and you can be selling online in minutes.

Shopping Cart 2


Convert leads to business with special offers for your site visitors. goMobi coupons can be displayed to your mobile visitors and you can decide what they are worth. You can use coupons as a lead generation/customer information tool– why not ask for an email address/phone number from visitors who sign up for your coupon? This allows you to market to them in future, if they do not complete a purchase straight away.

goMobi also includes support for Google AdWords – you can add a Conversion ID and Label to track your coupons success.

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If you’re building your own site, our eCommerce features are easy to use and can be set up in minutes. If your providing web services to your clients, goMobi is a great asset to augment your portfolio of online services. It’s a tool used by web agencies, hosting providers, operators, and numerous companies offering online services all over the world.

goMobi sites are extremely quick to build using a simple WYSIWYG editor providing you with a great deal of mobile-oriented features, including mobile SEO. Click the button to learn more on how goMobi can become a valuable asset for your business.

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