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How to Get Your Customers Online

Did you know that more than 55% of your customers don’t have an online presence for their business yet? That’s bad for their business, but a huge potential opportunity for you, if you have lots of Small Enterprise Customers. Most choose not to get online because it’s either too difficult or too expensive. Lacking technical expertise is no longer an excuse as there is now an abundance of easy to set up tools available online, and price of entry is much lower than it used to be. In fact, customers can now be online with a full web presence for around the price of a high-street cup of coffee per month.

What Do We Suggest?

We suggest you offer:

  1. An easy to use website publishing tool
  2. Web hosting
  3. A domain and email

These features and more are provided by goMobi with zero capital expenditure up front. The more customers you can get online, the more reasonable the price becomes per customer, as you sign them. Your customers will gain the benefit of having an online presence, and you will gain their loyalty into the future. If customer retention issues and churn are problems for you, then goMobi will help you increase ROI for your product portfolio, and provide a foundation upon which to build your other services. Remember, once online, always online.

Preview of goMobi Site

Preview of goMobi Site – look and feel

Why goMobi?

goMobi Promotes Loyalty. Create and retain satisfied customers who won’t want to leave your network.

goMobi is for Operators. Introduce a robust, scalable, carrier-grade VAS platform to support and underpin your business growth.

goMobi Requires Zero Capex. Its fully supported, powerful but easy to use web tools can be used to publish high quality websites with no upfront costs.

What does goMobi offer?

Truly Responsive Web Experiences. Your users will be able to build websites for any screen, including mobile, tablet and desktop. Each of the experiences is device-optimized to improve the UX and maximize user engagement on all devices.

Powerful But Easy Website Builder. goMobi comes with a powerful and simple web Web Manager which makes it possible to build websites with no coding skills. Your users can even generate a mobile site automatically based on their desktop site if they have one.

Amazing Website Templates. goMobi has a range of 50 beautiful, professionally designed templates right-out-of-the-box. Each website template can be fully customized to suit the needs of your customers.

The Only Web Solution Your Customers Will Ever Need. goMobi offers a number of unique website features, such as maps and directions, tap to call option, image gallery, social media integration, SEO tools, shopping carts and many more. Sites translation to over 40 languages is also available.

Preview of Hair Salon Site

Preview of goMobi Site – on desktop

To learn more visit and click Get In Touch. We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions about how together, we can reduce churn and boost loyalty and your revenue. 

goMobi Team.


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