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Highlights from goMobi’s 1.9.3 release – new ‘Site Settings’ area

Its has been a busy week for the goMobi team having deployed our 1.9.3 release on Tuesday. We have added some great new features to goMobi with this release and we think both our Site Owners and Partners will be happy with the updates.

So let me tell you all about the new and improved features!

New Site Settings area

We know that when a Site Owner buys their goMobi site they are eager to get it live as soon as possible. Well we have now made this process easier with the new Site Settings area that has been added to the goMobi Control Panel. Here items such as Language & Region and Business Sectors  have been relocated from the Design tab to the Site Settings tab as they are options the user is likely to configure once, the first time they set up their site.  Also added to this area is the Desktop site URL feature where users can add or update the URL to their desktop and also precrawl their desktop site to automatically add content to to their mobile site.

  • For new sites
    • The Site Settings will automatically be displayed when the Control Panel is launched for the first time
    • The user will be brought into the design area of the Control Panel when the ‘Site Settings’ window is closed.
  • For existing sites
    • The ‘Site Settings’ area can be accessed via the ‘Settings’ link in the header of the Control Panel


Site Settings Area

Site Settings Area

Add your desktop site URL to Site Settings

As mentioned above you can now add you Desktop Site URL to the new Site Settings area. But what does this mean? Well if populated this will allow the ‘Switch to desktop site’ link to be automatically added to the footer of the mobile site. From a technical perspective it will automatically allow the canonical tag to be added to the homepage of the mobile site. Great for enhancing your SEO results.  For new sites added after the 1.9.3 release (or sites where the control panel has not yet been accessed) users can add the Desktop URL and precrawl their site if they wish. This is a great way to automatically add information to your mobile site. All you have to do is check the box in the Site Settings area.

Site Settings Area  -Desktop Site URL

Site Settings Area -Desktop Site URL

Enable transcoding of your desktop site pages

We have expanded the transcoded functionality in this release. Previously if the user added links to pages on the desktop site from your mobile site they could present them in one of two ways:

1. In a mobile friendly format within the branded mobile site (transcoded) or
2. Redirect the site visitor to the desktop page (taking them away from the site)

This has proven restrictive to some users so we have expanded the options in this release. Users will now have the option to turn on/off the transcoding of any desktop site linked pages on a per page/feature basis.

Expanded the Multi Device Preview tool

The preview site function in the goMobi Control Panel is a great tool that allows the user to see how the site they have created will look on a mobile phone. In this release we have expanded the list of devices that are available. Just click on the links to switch between the different options and navigate the site.



Multi device preview

Multi device preview

Country names added to the language drop down

As we add more and more languages to the Control Panel we have added the country name beside each flag in the drop down list to make it easier to identify the language.

Admin Dashboard Enhancements

We are committed to continuously improving the goMobi platform for our Partners to help them sell and manage goMobi sites. This release has added some great functionality to the goMobi Dashboard to help them achieve this.

  • API – Generate End Customer Public Control Panel login details: With each mobile site is created a unique username and password is generated. These login details are now displayed in the Site Details area of the Admin dashboard, giving the Partner easy access to his customers details. 
  • API – Add a free trial promo code to an existing Free Trial subscription: Partners will now be able to add the free trial promo code to any Free Trial subscription at any point during the trial period, not just just when creating the site.
  • Set default Mobile Site and Control Panel language:  Resellers will now be able to set the default Control Panel and Site Language via their goMobi Admin Dashboard for themselves and each of their sub Resellers separately.
  • Admin Dashboard Delete sub-reseller: We have added the option to to delete sub-reseller accounts form the Admin Dashboard, as long as the account is empty before you try to delete.
Delete a Sub-reseller

Delete a Sub-reseller

Further Enhancements

  • Full Website feature enhancements: If the Full Website feature is activated we will no longer add the ‘Switch to desktop’ site link to the site footer. It is now dependent on the Desktop Site URL in Site Settings. 
  • Site Footer – Option to remove ‘Switch to desktop site’ link: Users can now choose whether or not to have this link on the site and it can be displayed on the homepage and/or subpages of the site.
  • Description Feature – goMobi widgets added to the WYSIWYG editor: Users now have the option to add widgets to the description area of the homepage of the site.
  • Option to add Custom Business Sector: There is now an ‘Other’ option in the Business Sectors feature so the user can add their own business sector if they don’t find one suitable, an important ability for the site’s SEO.


We are delighted with this release and hope our customers will be too. If you don’t have a goMobi site why don’t you try one out for free and sign up today!







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