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Hostgator Brazil kicks off their goMobi launch with 5000 free trial sites to customers

HostGator BrasilLast week saw goMobi’s newest Partner, web hosting provider HostGator Brazil, launch the goMobi mobile website publishing tool into the Brazilian market.

HostGator and goMobi have kicked off this launch by offering a 90 day free trial to thousands of HostGator’s existing customers.  Using goMobi’s Configuration API, it was possible to take a database of HostGator’s existing customer information and automatically create goMobi mobile sites for these businesses. The Configuration API is a powerful tool for companies that have existing customer data. By promoting the free trial  through an ongoing email campaign, HostGator can demonstrate the benefits of goMobi and convert the free trials to paid sites.

Hostgator feel that this is the time for introducing mobile to their Brazilian customers. Over the last few years the Mobile Web has gained considerable traction in Brazil. Latest figures show that there are 272.4 million mobile subscriptions across a population of 199 million (Telco). 106.4 million Brazilians used mobile broadband in January 2014, showing that there is a huge demand for mobile web content in the country.

This is good timing for the Brazilian market. Between the recent Fifa World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics fast approaching, Brazil will see a significant increase in tourists over the next few years.  For small local business that is great as tourists bring more revenue. However, these  customers will be coming with their mobile devices, not their desktops, and if these business are not online or have no mobile optimized site then they will never be found. Hostgator and goMobi can help build this presence. goMobi gives small businesses like restaurants, bars, hotels, B&Bs etc, a cost effective way to be found and contacted by their customers.

Quote from Hostgator:

Robledo Ribeiro, CEO at HostGator Brazil said “Hostgator is very excited to be working with goMobi to bring the mobile web to our customers. There is huge growth in the Brazilian market at the moment and we think the mobile web can help our customers capitalize on that.”

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