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Introducing goMobi Web Manager

Following on from our recent preview of the Web Manager for Mobile, we’ve officially renamed goMobi’s web-based site creation tool from ‘Control Panel‘ to ‘Web Manager‘. The new naming convention will maintain consistency between goMobi’s tools for both mobile and larger screen devices. We have begun to roll out this change on a phased basis to our product collateral.

Web Manager – Powerful, but easy to use

goMobi’s Web Manager is designed to make website creation quick and easy, while still providing a powerful set of tools to promote a business or organization online.

The Web Manager has 3 three separate areas to enable speedy site creation and editing:

1. Design – This is where you define the look and feel of your site, select a template, upload your logo and set the site color scheme.


2. Features – This is where you add or update content to your site. Choose from a range of great features, including many made specifically to engage with visitors on mobile devices.



3. Tools  –  this section gives a range of promotional options not just for your goMobi site, but for your business as well. Increase traffic with SEO tools, integrate QR codes into your marketing materials, check Analytics, or even monetize your site with 3rd party ads.



The Web Manager allows you to focus on creating a site rather than on coding. But of course users can add and edit HTML code if they need to.

Head over to our product trial page to try goMobi out for yourself.
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Note for reseller partners

If you are a reseller partner of goMobi,  there are now 2 online tools for creating web content:

  1. Web Manager which gives your customers access to all available tools for site creation.
  2. Web Manager for Mobile which provides access to edit a site from mobile specific devices should you make this available to your customers.

In addition it is possible to automatically generate sites from existing web content or even static information.

If you are not a goMobi Partner yet, but would like to become one find out more here.


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