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Join goMobi on the WHD.local road show

WHD.local logogoMobi will once again take part in the WHD.local road show, the most exclusively localized European hosting event. Europe is a major hub for the worldwide cloud and hosting industry, but every country also has its own unique solutions and services based on the diverse IT infrastructure and IT development needs of the continent. With that in mind the WHD.local road show is tailored to a specific region.

goMobi will be in attendance in the following cities, Munich Oct 7th, London Oct 10th and Istanbul Oct 23rd. If you would like to arrange a demo of the product at any of these locations contact us at to set up at time.

Our Director of Business Development, Ivo Meekel, will also be speaking at these events. Don’t miss out on his presentation, in which he discusses how companies can address the needs of their customers, who are looking for solutions that can bring their web content to mobile and all screens customers use today.

If you would like to arrange a demo or a meeting at the event, or wish to learn more about goMobi, contact us at today.

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