Mobile is the future, and the future is now

mobile is the future the future is now

We’ve written a lot about the importance of mobile, and in the last couple of years, we have seen an acceleration in usage of mobile devices.

The latest ICT figures show that mobile is now omnipresent with a global mobile penetration rate of 96%.

Mobile broadband subscriptions are now about 2.1 billion globally with an annual growth rate of about 40% since 2007, the year the iPhone changed everything.

mobile penetration around the world

Mobile broadband subscriptions are now about 2.1 billion globally with an annual growth rate of about 40% since 2007, the year the iPhone changed everything.

It’s no longer news that smartphone and tablet sales exceed PC sales, and this trend is has become more and more apparent since 2010.

The cost of devices is still a differentiating factor between developed and emerging markets. However, the proposition is the same, and there are many good lower cost devices at price points that cater for emerging markets. What’s more, mobile broadband costs in emerging markets are often cheaper than wired-broadband in developed countries.

This schism between developed and developing markets has been well documented recently by analyst Mary Meeker who highlighted that there are 1.5 billion smartphones users in the world and nearly 5 billion global cellphone users, showing that feature phones still represent a large segment of the market. We are in the early stages of mobile adoption, even in developed countries.  Smartphone penetration in France is currently at 46%, in Germany it’s 29%, Italy 23% and Spain 33%, according to Informa figures in Meeker’s report.

mobile adoption around the world


The US has one of the highest smartphone penetration rates in the world (219 million smartphone users) while India is at a 6%, Indonesia 11%, Russia and Mexico are at 12% and 19% respectively.

According to research by Flurry, from April 2012 to April 2013 the rise of smartphones and tablets grew in every country in the world except for The Central African Republic, Niger and South Korea (shown in red in the map below). Orange countries represent the early adopters of mobile technology, while green and yellow are those where the rate of growth was higher.

devices penetration around the world

Even more bullish figures were published in the Mobile Marketing Impact Study released at the end of May 2013 by the Mobile Marketing Association claiming that every $1 in mobile spending results in $20 in sales.

Benedict Evans said it well in his mobile is eating the world  presentation and we cannot disagree with him, as shown by the following graph:

mobile is the future

Mobile is now setting the agenda
and there is a lot of road left to run.  Being prepared for this new reality will be a challenge for business whether they are small, medium or large.

As mobile is becomes ever more an extension of our lives, having a mobile friendly site is now a requirement as the market continues to shift to mobile.

The purpose of goMobi is to help all companies to mobilize their business easily and quickly. goMobi is the most lightweight, fast-loading solution out there with goMobi significantly lighter than other mobile site builders. goMobi sites load much up to 10 times faster and cost site visitors much less in data costs,  and also ensures that roaming visitors are not penalized for viewing sites. In addition, goMobi works on all devices and not just smartphones.

With just one touch goMobi allows customers to call the business, find the business via maps, make reservations, redeem coupons, purchase via an online store, share content via social networks, watch video content, read business reviews and much more. And it’s possible to create a mobile site in any one of 12 supported languages.

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