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New goMobi Features for February

It has been a busy year for the goMobi team. We’ve been working hard, striving to improve the goMobi product for all of our customers.  This release sees some great new functionality added to the goMobi layout and design features, giving the site owner more flexibility when building their site.

New Default Template

This week marks the launch of a new default template which will be applied when a site is created without adding any features or information. Here’s an example of the new default theme.

gomobi Feb 2016 3

Introducing Multiple Galleries

We are very excited to offer a great new improvement to the ‘Images’ feature. You can now add multiple galleries, each with its own name, and each added as an item to the main menu of the site.

To add an additional ‘Image’ gallery to your site, access the ‘Images’ feature and select the ‘Add to site’ button.

gomobi Feb 2016 1


  • Your new gallery will be added to your site immediately. You can then select the ‘Add/manage images’ button and start to add your images.
  • You have the ability to add up to 10 galleries to your site, each can be renamed individually and will appear with its own entry in the main site navigation menu.
  • You can add a total of 300 images to these 10 galleries.

gomobi Feb 2016 2

That’s all for now, check back regularly for more goMobi news. To try goMobi, click here:

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