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New to goMobi: WordPress and Drupal site redirection plugins

We’ve just launched our new redirection plugins for Wordpress and Drupal 6/7 sites. So if your desktop site runs on either of these two popular content management platforms, then redirecting mobile traffic from them to your goMobi mobile site is a snip. The code can be retrieved from the Finish page when you have built your site, or from the Advanced… section of the goMobi Control Panel at any time.

Redirection Code for  Drupal and WordPress sites

Redirection Code from the Finish page

These redirection options are in addition to Htacess, JavaScript, PHP, JSP, ASP and PHP. That’s 8 different redirection options to accommodate redirection from your desktop site to your mobile site, no matter what framework you use for your desktop site.

Redirection Code from the Advanced section



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