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Restaurants gets 5 stars for its engagement on mobile

mezzeBistroIt is fair to say that in 2014, most industries, to varying degrees, have implemented some sort of mobile web strategy. However the restaurant and hospitality sector seem to have experienced a greater adoption of  mobile technologies than others.

Mobile Marketer wrote an interesting article this month on widespread uptake of mobile within the restaurant sector.  The piece pointed out that due to the “on-the-go nature of their business” restaurants need to be available to their customers on mobile. Once adapted,  mobile shows immediate results.

Recent statistics from the goMobi platform confirm Mobile Marketer’s findings. Our data shows that Restaurants and Hotels are the second most popular business category using goMobi after Professional Services. It really is a business suited to the mobile web. Lets explore this a little further.



Top 5 reasons Restaurants are going mobile

1. Considering the mobile options available to Restaurants, a mobile site is definitely preferable over a mobile app. As discussed in previous posts, mobile apps are expensive to build and maintain. With a goMobi mobile site any restaurant owner can get an instant mobile presence for the fraction of the cost of a mobile app.

2. Businesses like Restaurants are what local search was made for. And mobile optimized sites are vital for local search.  Restaurants lend themselves to being searched for on mobile devices as people are out and about looking for establishments nearby their location. With a goMobi mobile site we help restaurants connect with their customers instantly be it through Click-to-Call, so they can call instantly, or Find us, so they can get directions from their current location.

3. The restaurant sector is the perfect industry to cultivate customer loyalty, and a mobile site can help to do that. No matter how many restaurants there are in a given city or town, we all have our favorites that we return to again and again. goMobi can help restaurants run competitions and offer rewards to their loyal customers. With our QR code tool, business owners can run various print and email campaigns to their database of customers, driving traffic to their mobile site to offer their customers mobile coupons. This is a great way to reward frequent visitors and increase customer retention.

4. Word of mouth can make or break a restaurant. goMobi gives the restaurants the power to harness the positive (and we hope its all positive!) hype around a restaurant. With social media, check-in and review services all integrated into your mobile site allowing for real time engagement with your customers.

5.  The most important reason for a restaurant to have a separate mobile site to the desktop site is that they can tailor the content specifically to what visitors on a mobile devices need. If someone is out and about and searching for a restaurant they need the minimum but most important information; menu, phone number and directions on how to get there. goMobi allows the business owner to strip out all the additional content and only present what is most relevant to the mobile visitor, thus providing an optimal mobile experience.

If you are looking to build a mobile site for your business, visit our Partner page to get started today. If you are looking to sell mobile sites visit our website to get up and running with one of our Partner Plans.



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