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The goMobi Partner Platform – All You Need to Know

goMobi’s extensive international network of partners provides hundreds of thousands of sites to their customers, worldwide. Not only is it possible to partner and sell goMobi sites directly to your customers, you may also integrate goMobi into an existing services portfolio. This post offers a quick look inside the goMobi Partner Dashboard. This will give you an insight into how easy it is to offer goMobi to customers. Maybe it’s time you considered goMobi for your customers.


The goMobi Dashboard

The goMobi Admin Dashboard is a powerful web interface that allows reseller partners to create, manage and edit sites, generate reports and much more.  The Dashboard can be ysed to provide goMobi sites for your customers without any technical integration or the need to create a custom back-end tool in order to manage your site base.

You can offer customers a 30 day Free Trial and can have them up and running in minutes.  The 30 day Free Trial may be upgraded to a paid monthly or annual site to ensure continuity of service.  During the Free Trial period, customers can make changes to their site as desired.  All goMobi subscriptions allow a 25 day grace period following the expiry date during which the site can be re-activated with all content available.

There are two ways to create a site and there is no coding or testing required;

  • Automatically generate from an existing desktop site  or
  • Create from one of our customizable templates
  • Click the Create site button to create the site in your account.


You may then;

  • Assign a Free domain – Create all sites using our Free 3rd level domain; just add the site name and we will automatically append to the end of it. The site will instantly resolve on this domain with no DNS updates required.
  • Assign a Custom domain – You also have the option to add a domain of your choice, such as or or
  • You can also add up to 5 domain aliases to a site.


Simple Site Creation

  • Once the site has been created a confirmation page will be displayed. From here you have the option to Launch Web Manager to add content to the site, manage the site details or generate redirection code to add to the desktop site so that mobile traffic will automatically be redirected to the mobile site.
  • You also have the option to give your customers access to their Web Manager to create/make edits to their site. A unique username and password is generated for each site created in your account. These can be retrieved from the Manage Site Details area of that site in your Dashboard, the grey button.



The Redirection Code Generator

To learn more about Redirection, please see this post – Device Redirection, What You Need to Know.

It’s simple to generate redirection code to add to your desktop site, so if customers go to a desktop website on a mobile device they will be automatically redirected to the mobile site seamlessly. There are a number of places where this code can be generated;

  • From within your Dashboard account by selecting Generate Redirection Code button from the left hand menu.
  • From the Redirection Code Generator feature in the Tools area or by selecting the Finish button on the Web Manager.


The Manage Sites Page

In the Manage Sites area you can see a table containing all the goMobi sites that you have created for your customers. You have the ability to sort sites by any of the following options;

  • Start date, End date and Site Reference ID.
  • You can quickly view the site type and status.



goMobi Analytics

From within the Analytics tab, you may download the Daily Unique Visits and Page Views for each site in your account.  Data is aggregated once per day so you will see today’s traffic tomorrow.  From within each individual site you may also display the daily visits and daily page views on a graph.



Languages & Time Zones

Manage the default Languages & Time Zone for all sites in your account, so no matter where you are located you can choose the language and time zone.  Both of these options can be changed by your customer via the Web Manager.  The goMobi Web Manager is available in the following languages;  English (US), English (UK), German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Dutch, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Polish and Turkish.  You can also decide what languages you want enabled on your customers Web Manager.


Would you like to White Label?

White Label allows you to sell goMobi under your own business name, giving your customers confidence that they are dealing with you directly, helping you to:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Provide consistency across all solutions
  • Grow revenue

The ‘White Label’ area consists of three sections:

  • Domain – Add your business name and customize the Web Manager public login URL and the Multi-device preview URL
  • Design – Enhance your brand by adding your logo, customize colors across the user experience.
  • Site Footer – Display your brand name/message across all customer sites.




Our Customer Support Team are on hand should you have any issues. We also have a Support section with great resources like;

  • FAQ’s
  • Tutorial Videos
  • Marketing material links you directly to our Partner Portal where you can find a large amount of material to assist you with selling goMobi.


You may try goMobi for free here:

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