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The latest Tablet/Large Screen Layout is here!

The latest Tablet/Large Screen layout for goMobi is now available. This new view provides an enhanced, richer experience when goMobi sites are accessed from tablets and large screen devices.1e

See For Yourself

To build your own, visit the Try It Now page. When you create a site, the new layout will be the default template.

Once you have input your details to get your new site set up, you should choose a template for your site via the ‘Template’ feature. If you want to change the image associated with this template, go to the ‘Tablet/Large Screen Layout’ feature and update your cover image. Select the ‘Browse for image file’, to upload a new image or use one of our stock images.




While building your new goMobi site, you can preview your site by selecting ‘View Site’ link at the top of the goMobi Web Manager. Once in the Multi Device Preview page, simply choose a Tablet/Large Screen device to see how your site will look. Alternatively, you can view your site in your browser like you would any other website.



It’s live and available to try right now.

Try it Now


You can read about all the new features on this previous post – goMobi – Tablet/Large Screen Layout and Redesign.


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