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The Web Manager has New Mobile Functionality (Sneak Preview)

Web Manager for Mobile – Coming Soon

Attention Partners: goMobi is delighted to announce the introduction of the goMobi Web Manager for Mobile user-interface. The goal of this feature is to make the creation of a brand new website via your mobile device a breeze. It takes less than five minutes to get set up – and your site will then work on any device.


If you own a goMobi site, please inquire with your goMobi Reseller as to when this feature will be ready. This is a sneak preview, and the service is not available just yet to site owners.


Get Started

The new login page looks like this – you can request a username and password from your goMobi Reseller, provided that they are using the new goMobi Web Manager for Mobile dashboard. If you haven’t signed up for a goMobi site yet, you can find a list of goMobi Resellers here:

Simply enter your username and password, and click Login.


Step One

Once you login, you’ll be presented with two options –

  • You may use a template provided by goMobi. Choosing this option allows you to enter details about your business.
  • You may convert an existing website. Choosing this option allows you to convert your existing desktop site so that it works with goMobi across all devices. This will ensure that your potentially very heavy online presence will be dramatically slimmed down for best use on a mobile device.


Step Two

It is recommended that you fill out as many details as you can when creating your new site. Customers will be able to find you with greater ease. We’ll be adding more features over the coming months.


Step Three

The final step for setting up your new goMobi site requires you to upload your business logo.

Once this step is complete your site will be pushed live, and you can view what you have created or share your site with the world.



Why not try goMobi right now to get a taste of what’s possible?

Try it Now

There are nearly a hundred unique features to help you sell your products, advertise your business, and rank high on Google.


If you are a goMobi Partner and would like to offer Web Manager for Mobile to your customers, please visit this link, provide your details, and we’ll get in touch. If you are not a goMobi Partner yet, but would like to become one – visit this page.


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