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This weeks site in the goMobi Spotlight

In the goMobi Spotlight this week: 

Knifetechnz is a company that offers products that provide value and designs them to meet their customers specific needs. They develop and sell knives to commercial and recreational users. They sell heavily through their desktop website and they needed a mobile version that had a  robust enough eCommerce function to handle the mobile traffic.

Why we picked it: 

We picked for two reasons.

The first was for its use of the goMobi’s eCommerce feature. Using the shopping cart they were able to ensure that the customers visiting their website on mobile devices were still able to purchase directly from the site. As the company’s business relies on web sales this was a very important function they needed in their mobile offering.

The second reason we chose the site was for their clever use of custom icons. goMobi allows the user to upload their own icons for each feature. This gives the site a unique look and feel and allows the business owner to carry their brand identity across all their marketing material.

For these reasons is the site in the goMobi Spotlight this week.

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