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This weeks site in the goMobi Spotlight mobile siteIn the goMobi Spotlight this week: brings live American wrestling events to different locations nationwide. The desktop website is used to update customers on recent events and allows tickets be to directly purchased. However the company became aware that more people are using mobile devices to access the web. They needed to create a mobile website so that their customers could  access the same information while they were on the move.

Why we picked it:

We picked this site because it shows how feature rich a mobile website can be. Using goMobi, was able to offer all the functions available on its desktop site to its mobile users while still providing a rich user experience.

They were not only able to keep their mobile customers updated with the latest events but by using the goMobi eCommerce feature their customers can purchase tickets directly from the mobile site.

What we also liked about the site was the use of the Image Gallery feature to showcase the wrestling Superstars. goMobi allowed them to carry the continuity of the gallery on their desktop site over to the mobile version.

For these reasons is the site in the goMobi Spotlight this week.

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