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Tips to optimize content for mobile and meet users’ expectations

Optimizing content for mobile customers is one of the things small businesses need to get right if they want to attract customers, drive qualified traffic, and make money with their mobile sites. With mobile commerce sales expected to reach $31 billion by 2015 and more smartphones than desktop PCs projected to be in use by the same date, making the information mobile users want readily accessible, with minimal navigation, is now a priority.

1. Users’ expectations are high. According to Google (September 2012), 67% of customers prefer to buy from a mobile-friendly site and 61% of people will quickly move on to another site if they don’t quickly find what they were looking for. Small companies have to target their content according to users’ expectations and needs. Not having a mobile-friendly site simply helps the competitors who do, and worse still, affects your company’s reputation.

2. User expectation quite often goes unmet by sites that are not designed for mobile devices. To create a mobile friendly site you need to put yourself in mobile users’ shoes. To provide a useful service on mobile, analyze your business category and the needs of your target audience to make sure you are surfacing information that users are looking for.

3. The goal is to increase the number of satisfied customers and sell more, so “simplify” is the magic word. An easier navigation system, reduced graphics, a visible button with a simple call to action are some of the most important features in creating a mobile-friendly website that meets the needs of the business and the customer, all within bandwidth constraints.

4. In order to satisfy customers and achieve a return on your investment in mobile, it’s good practice to prioritize content that is of use to mobile visitors. For example, the mobile version of a restaurant website might have the Find Us, the Booking Request, the Call Us and the Opening Hours features but perhaps things like Video content might be less important for those visiting the mobile website for actionable information.

All the above means that mobile websites have to be quick to download, have to be light, easy to use and localized to meet users’ expectations: and that’s the reason why we think goMobi is the solution!

goMobi is by far the most lightweight and fast-loading solution out there. goMobi’s pages are 3 to 10 times smaller than competitors’ pages. This means goMobi sites load much faster and cost the end-user much less in data fees. goMobi mobile websites are designed to work on all devices, not just smartphones and sites don’t have to be tested before being published. The user-friendly interface allows businesses to easily add a range of mobile-friendly features to their site without any need for technical knowledge. A goMobi mobile website allows customers to find the business and call with one click, make reservations, redeem coupons, purchase via an online store, share content via social networks, watch video content, read business reviews and much more. Supporting a multi-lingual environment, business owners can create their mobile site in any one of 12 languages and visitors can view the site in over 30 languages.

Have a look at the goMobi’s features or, for a deeper view, have a look at one of the cases studies we’ve presented on our website.


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