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What is Mobile SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is quite a complex topic, but you don’t need to be an expert to get started, or master the basics. SEO addresses the need to drive your prospects and customers to your site. Mobile SEO ensures mobile device users can reach your site too.

A couple of times each year, Google and other search providers update their rules on what their engines recognize as good sites. In order for your site to stay relevant, you must keep up with these rules. If you don’t keep up, you’ll drop a few spots on the rankings, ensuring you attract less traffic. On the other hand, if you react fast, you’ll have an edge over your competitors ensuring you have the best opportunity to grab a slice of their customers.

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Why is it important for your Customers?

Businesses that so far haven’t put much focus on addressing mobile audience must rethink their online strategy so that they don’t get punished in the SERPs (search engine results page’s). The question remains: what must you do to maximize the benefits available?

Google doesn’t favor any single approach to addressing mobile visitors as long as the experience is optimized for smartphones. This means that whether you choose responsive, or adaptive, or a separate mobile site, you must follow Google mobile-friendly requirements including:

Allowing Googlebot to crawl the website

JavaScript, CSS and image files should be fully accessible to Googlebot so that the bot can see the website like an average user. Using Google’s mobile-friendly test you can check out if the website is available for crawling. goMobi allows Google to crawl all pages of a site, so it ranks as high as possible.

Using tap-friendly links and large fonts

Google recommends tap-friendly links and large fonts which are easy to read on smartphone screens. goMobi only allows tap friendly buttons and fonts.

Avoiding desktop-specific content that doesn’t open on mobile devices

To be mobile-friendly according to Google you should also avoid software that may not work on mobile devices, like Flash. Webmasters should consider using HTML5 instead. goMobi ensures that content works across all devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Ensuring the website loads quickly

Website speed is also among Google’s guidelines for web developers optimizing their websites for mobile visitors. goMobi produces sites that are highly optimized, fast and responsive for your customers.

Tips for Better Mobile SEO

Our best advice is to consider your options regarding mobile SEO. If you have the time, and desire to learn, you can manage your own mobile SEO

Think mobile first

Think about how your customers are going to visit your site. As smartphones and tablets become increasingly dominant in our lives and pc and laptop sales drop, it is ever more important that a site is designed with mobile in mind.


If your business relies on local people to help it thrive, then you should use local SEO as much as possible. You should have your business listed on Google Places, local web directories, review sites etc.

Don’t neglect your desktop site

It’s important to note at this point that going mobile first doesn’t mean that you should neglect the desktop site. It’s got to the time when we need to approach the web and how we market and design for it holistically, taking every scenario into account.

In Google Analytics, you can track mobile and therefore understand how your visitors are using the site differently than they do on a desktop. What content do they access on mobile, for example? What kind of device are they accessing the information on?


Hopefully this article will have given you a couple of tips towards addressing your mobile audience more effectively. Choosing a tool like goMobi can help steer customers to you with minimal effort on your part. Try goMobi now to build a quick, beautiful, mobile and desktop optimized site.

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