Website Builder Features

Professional Design Made Easy


Create sites from over 50 beautifully designed templates.

Phone Layouts

A range of great layouts for mobile phones.

Tablet/Large Screen Layouts

Easily apply tablet and larger screen layouts to your site.

Full Image Control

Enrich the visual elements of a site. Upload and edit images, use the stock image library, add a logo, create an image carousel or add a background image.

Icon sets

Choose from a range of icon sets or design your own site.

Site colors

Select a color scheme or use your own brand colors.

Connect with your Customers

Click to call

Allow customers to call your business with one click.

Maps and directions

Allow customers find your business with ease, add multiple business locations, detailed directions with Google Maps, use GPS to direct customers right to your door.

Opening Hours

Dynamically display business opening hours.

Booking Request

Let customers make a reservation on the go. Link to a booking engine or create a booking form.

Call me back

Never miss a call. Allow customers to leave a number to call them back.

Leave a message

Don’t lose out on business. Allow customers to leave a message via email.

Web-App bookmark icon

Prompt visitors to bookmark your site. Upload your own ‘app’ icon for smartphone users.

Site Translation

Allow your visitors translate your site into over 40 languages.

Social Media Integration

Check-in Services

Let visitors interact with your business through Facebook places, Foursquare, Google Places and Yelp.


Spark conversation about your business by giving visitors access to your Facebook page.


Display your Twitter feed and allow customers to follow with one click.


Let customers connect with your Google+ page.

Tell a friend

Encourage customers to share your site through their social channels.


Build customer trust by displaying the latest reviews from Yelp and Foursquare.

Promote your Business

QR codes

Integrate online and offline marketing by automatically creating marketing flyers with QR codes.


Convert leads to business with special offers for your site visitors.

Shopping Cart

Generate mCommerce revenues, with a shopping cart for up to 100 items.


Monetize your site with ads from integrated 3rd party ad platforms.

Grow your site traffic with SEO support


Add search engine-friendly keywords.

Webmaster tools

Submit a site to Google Webmaster tools to help customers find your site.


Link your site to desktop sitemap to improve SEO ranking.

Page titles

Add page titles for search engine visibility.

Building Your Site Content

Image Gallery

Showcase your business by linking to an existing image gallery. Or create a new one.


Automatically convert and optimize up to ten YouTube or Vimeo videos or playlists for use by any device.

Add pages

Add up to 128 pages or features. Or import/transcode existing web content.

Add links

Link to any other web page, email or SMS number.


Add information about your products.


Create forms to capture lead information. Multiple forms supported.

Event Calendar

Publicize and update your events automatically from a Google Calendar feed.

News feed

Engage customers by sharing news via RSS or other feed type.


Engage customers by providing instant access to your blog content.

Restaurant Menus

Flexibility to upload a menu or create one manually adding images, titles and descriptions.


Share information on the business' services to help convert more leads.


Share information about the business by creating a page or linking to an existing webpage.

Helpful Tools

3rd Party Analytics

Add an Analytics provider to know where the traffic is coming from and what they’re visiting.

Redirection Code Generator

goMobi automatically redirects visitors to the appropriate Phone or Tablet/large screen layout. If you have an existing desktop site, add code to redirect any visitors on Phones and Tablets to your goMobi site.

Copy Site

Create a master template to copy content from one site to another.


Check visitor traffic, traffic source and keywords to your site.


Add subpages to your site.

Site cookies

Display a notification so that visitors know your site uses cookies.

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